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Brass Rubbing Facsimilies

Our range of brasses covers two distinct types:

- Firstly, facsimiles and replicas of original memorial brasses. (A facsimile is an exact copy of the original brass. A replica is a size-altered version and in a number of cases, a brass is available in several sizes).

- Secondly, 'theme' brasses of famous historic characters and covering childrens' subjects.

All the brasses are made using a special cold cast resin process. The brass figures looks just like real brass and, in the case of the facsimiles, even the outer stonework is reproduced with the same dents and imperfections that can be found at the original sites. Remember, these are not the paper rubbings, these are resin brass rubbing plates from which paper rubbings are made.

This is the largest selection of brass rubbing plates available in the world, faithfully represented, with pertinent histories and offered to brass rubbing centre managers, youth organizations, educational establishments and private collectors worldwide.

In view of the large range, we have divided it into three sections; Memorial Brasses, Theme Brasses and 'Collectible Mini Brasses'. Please search alphabetically looking for the surname of the figure. In the vast majority of cases these brasses are made to order on a six to eight week delivery time. Please note that we will not process any payments until despatch!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BRASS RUBBING please see our main Brass Rubbing web site; http://www.white-winds.com

Brass Rubbing Paper

Our Brass Rubbing Paper is a special formula, created many years ago, specifically for the purpose of Brass Rubbing. Brass Rubbing Papert is finer and stronger than normal paper, allowing much better image definition without the risk of tearing.

We stock a large range of sizes of Brass Rubbing paper in both rolls and cut sheets.

A word about your choice of Brass Rubbing paper;

Black paper is rather more forgiving of errors than white paper. With even the best erasers, a smudge will probably show up on White paper, which would have been 'hidden' by black paper. Unless you are very proficient, we suggest always using black paper. (Either way, White Winds sells a special eraser that works very well with Brass Rubbing wax).

Please note we are now only able to supply white paper in sheets 18" x 10".

Brass Rubbing Wax

All the waxes needed for brass and 'stone' rubbing.

A WORD ABOUT BRASS RUBBING WAX: The basis for our wax is 'Candelilla' which is made from a plant called the 'Slipper plant', which grows in Northern Mexico. this same wax is used in many cosmetics (in place of wax derived from whales). Our wax is non-toxic, (although we would not advocate eating it), and is therefore quite safe to use. Brass Rubbing Wax is much harder than waxes that you might be used to, (candle wax or wax crayons for example), and is therefore much better for rubbing over lines on the surface of the brass, without flowing into the hollow

You may hear the "old hands" talking about "Heel ball". The name "Heel ball" dates back to the earliest days of Brass Rubbing, in the Victorian era, when the wax that was used was often Coblers "heel ball", a stiff wax used by coblers to colour the heel of new shoes. Although Modern brass Rubbing wax has very little in common with the original heel ball, the name has stuck in some quarters.

Rest assured however, that our wax IS the right thing to use for Brass Rubbing.

Brass Rubbing Presentation Kits

A wonderful range of mini 'take-home' kits in a variety of themes

Brass Rubbing Books

A range of books on the subject of Brass Rubbing

Other Brass Rubbing Materials

Erasers, tape, hangers and presentation tubes

Brass Rubbing Centre Packages

You might be thinking about the benefits of setting up a Brass Rubbing Centre; perhaps an extra income for a school, youth centre or other fund raising scheme. You may even be considering a Brass Rubbing Centre as a full time income. If so you might like to consider one of the packages we have put together to suit every pocket. You will find four major benefits:

The price for each centre offers between 32 - 39% discount on standard web site prices had you purchased the items individually.

Once you have purchased a centre, you will receive a 30% discount on any full priced brass rubbing product subsequently ordered from our web site. You will effectively become a trade customer.

A reduced carriage cost for each centre, when compared to ordering the items individually.

Any of the packages can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We would be delighted to discuss any changes that you might wish to make to your chosen brass rubbing pack, or to help you to create a package to suit your own requirements.

White Winds  |  Brass Rubbing